The United States experiences as many as 1253 tornadoes every year on average, and if you happen to live in an area that is prone to these damaging wind storms, it can bring about a lot of new concerns as a homeowner–especially if you have tree around your house. Even though properly placed, healthy trees are typically a benefit for a homeowner, during tornado season, trees that are not the most well kept can be a major worry. To make sure your home is not inadvertently damaged by the trees you have on your property this tornado season, there is a simple ABC rule set that you need to follow in advance.   

Always trim branches that hang over your home or close enough to touch the house. 

When a tornado or strong wind storm comes roaring through your neighborhood, the high winds can bring down even the heaviest limb even when they appear to be healthy. Make sure you eliminate the hazard of having a tree limb fall through your roof or come bursting through your windows by trimming away tree limbs and branches that are getting a little too close for comfort. Any limb that is hanging over your house or reaching far enough from the tree that it s starting to touch should be removed. If the entire tree is growing close to the house, it is a good idea to consider having it removed completely. 

Be alert to signs that your trees are unhealthy.

Unhealthy tree are much more vulnerable to wind damage, which can involve everything from uprooting to limbs that don’t contain enough moisture and break off easier than usual. Check your trees and stay alert to signs like:

  • rotten spots in the trunk of the tree
  • signs that there is a pest habitation problem, like hole boring
  • discolored leaves or branches
  • limbs that are growing at an odd angle  

Cover overly exposed tree roots.

Trees are more likely to uproot in a storm if the ground is well saturated, but what many homeowners don;t know is that trees can also be more in danger of uprooting if their root system is not properly protected. Take some time to check out the root system of any tree that you have on your property, specifically those in close proximity to the house. If you see a lot of exposed roots, the tree could be more of a threat during tornado season. Call up a contractor (such as one from J&T Tree Co.) and have a few loads of topsoil delivered and compacted over the tree root system to add a layer of extra stability.