Are you aware that a contribution to global warming occurs each time a finished can of soda is tossed out into the environment? You can help with the reduction of global warning by taking your scrap aluminum cans to a recycling center, and you will get paid for it. Discover why recycling aluminum cans is so important concerning global warming and what you can expect to get paid for scrap cans.

Why is Recycling Aluminum Cans Important for Global Warming Reduction?

What happens when aluminum cans are thrown out is that the sun reflects off of the metal, which contributes to the production of radiation in the atmosphere. Radiation is actually created in space when sun rays reflect off of the cans, but it comes back down to the environment causing a lot of heat.

Failure to recycle aluminum cans contributes to more heat in the environment, which means that crops will have a hard time surviving. Fewer healthy crops can lead to a shortage in food supply from the drought caused from excessive heat. Global warming can also have an effect on the food source in the sea by causing the animals to die.

It is in your best interest to take empty aluminum cans to a recycling center because it will give them a chance to be reused rather than sitting in the environment. You can receive $0.28 for each 0.55 lbs. of scrap aluminum cans that are recycled.

Do the Aluminum Cans Have to Be Cleaned Before Being Taken to a Recycling Center?

There are actually rules that must be followed for the majority of recycling centers. However, the rules for each center can vary so you will have to get the guidelines directly from the center you intend on going to. For instance, some companies require the cans to be clean and uncrushed, while others prefer them to be crushed. You should definitely make sure no soda is left in the cans.

You don’t have to worry about weighing the cans in advance because it will be done at the recycling center. Just find out what the guidelines are, place the cans in a bag and take them to a recycling center like Full Circle Recycling so you can get paid. Payment will be issued during the same visit.

Global warming is a problem that should be taken seriously. Do your part to protect the environment by getting your aluminum scrap cans recycled and get paid!