Your septic system is an important part of your plumbing system. Incorrect usage and maintenance of the system can lead to a host of problems including the septic backing up. Here are some dos and don’ts of using and maintaining your septic system.

  1. Do not flush dangerous chemicals. Dangerous chemicals, such as flammable products and pesticides, can cause damage to your system. The chemicals can eat away at the plumbing lines. 
  2. Do close the tank access lid. The access lid should be properly closed and fastened at all times. Children and animals in your yard could accidentally fall into the tank. If you are not able to lock the lid, keep everyone out of the area until you can.
  3. Do not drive over the lid. Some tank access lids are fitted for traffic. Others are not. If your lid is not, do not drive over it. You could cause the lid to break. Instead, put up signs or other indicators to alert others not to drive over it.
  4. Do not use water excessively. The more water your home uses, the quicker the tank will fill up. Refer to the manufacturer’s guide for the suggested water usage per day. Practice conserving water by taking shorter showers and using low-flow faucets.
  5. Do schedule regular maintenance. Your system needs to be inspected and pumped every three years. If you have a larger capacity system, you might have up to five years. Talk to your service pro to set up a schedule.
  6. Do not plant trees near the system. The roots from the trees can eventually find their way into your pipes. As a result, you could end up with clogged pipes. 
  7. Do not perform construction near the system. The construction of items such as decks and patios can have an impact on your system. The project could inadvertently result in damage to the system. 
  8. Do grow grass over the system. The grass helps with holding the drain field in the correct place. It also helps with controlling excessive runoff. 
  9. Do divert roof runoff. When it rains, water from your roof can wind up pooling up in your yard and impact your system. To avoid this, ensure that the runoff is diverted from the area in which your system is. 

Talk to your service pro from a company like Soares Sanitation Pumping Inc about other ways you can ensure the well-being of your septic system. In addition to following those tips, be sure to notify your pro whenever you have a problem.